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Xbox Series X preorder page is live: How to be the first to buy

Xbox Series X preorder page is live
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox Series X preorder page is finally live on Microsoft's main website, but unfortunately, you can't place your order just yet. However, it's easy to sign up for updates to be the first in line for the next-gen console.

You may not think this preorder page going live is big news, but it means that Xbox is close to announcing something soon. And a PS5 announcement won't be far behind either, as PlayStation recently updated the PS5 website, promising "stunning games."

Xbox Series X preorder: How to sign up

If you want to sign up for updates on the Xbox Series X preorder availability, now is the time. Go to the preorder page and select "Email me when more information is available." This will take you to another page that lets you input your email address. 

Don't worry, Microsoft won't email you about everything that's not the Xbox Series X unless you check that little box on the page that lets them do so (Tip: Don't click the box).

The next anticipated reveal for the Xbox Series X is sometime in July, which is when we'll see what next-gen Xbox first-party games look like. Meanwhile, we haven't heard a peep from Sony about the PS5. However, there are rumors that there will be a PlayStation event on June 4.

It's unclear when we'll get the next bit of news about the Xbox Series X and PS5, but we imagine that it'll be sometime soon, considering we're mere months away from launch.