Windows 11 File Explorer will fix notoriously cluttered and dated icons

Windows 11
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Windows Insider Program recently uploaded a video that gives us a brief glimpse at a somewhat unfamiliar File Explorer. The top bar is much less confusing than it is on Windows 10, with a "New Folder" option now being the leftmost selection. 

Additionally, icons are no longer haphazardly stacked atop each other, which should help new users easily get adjusted to the interface. This new interface looks to be in line with Windows 11's sleek, minimalist design.

Unfortunately, it's hard to make out more details since Microsoft has yet to talk about the File Explorer, but the snapshot from this video gave us a few ideas. 

Windows 11 will bring a number of exciting changes in general, and users have been looking forward to an updated File Explorer for quite some time. It's no exaggeration that Windows 10's File Explorer is among the most outdated elements of the operating system, so this is a much-needed update.

We'll share more information on File Explorer once Microsoft covers it in-depth, or when we get our hands on Windows 11. If you want to read more about what's new in Windows 11, you can find all of our coverage below:

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