Twitch Prime is now Prime Gaming — What that means for you

Twitch Prime is now Prime Gaming
(Image credit: Amazon)

After four years of Twitch Prime, Amazon has announced that its rewards service will be promptly re-branded to Prime Gaming. 

This decision is likely a push for brand recognition, with Amazon possessing similarly titled services that come bundled with an Amazon Prime membership, including Prime Video and Prime Reading.

Twitch Prime is now Prime Gaming

However, this decision doesn't come with any actual content changes. As the Prime Gaming website illustrates, the service will continue to provide a "free Twitch channel subscription, tons of free loot in your favourite games, 5+ free PC games every month, and more with your Amazon Prime membership."

One thing that might actually change is how easy it could be to sign up with Prime Gaming. Now that this is a service directly tied to Amazon Prime rather than Twitch, it's possible that users will no longer have to create a Twitch account to link to their Amazon Prime membership. When visiting the Prime Gaming website, it automatically identified my Amazon account and logged me in through it. 

This is likely an attempt to make the Prime brand more consistent and easily traced back to the service. Amazon Music is seemingly the only service not falling under this umbrella, but even then, the company does have something called Prime Music already.

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