This Kate Bishop deep dive makes me want to play Marvel's Avengers again

Marvel's Avengers' deep dive on Kate Bishop makes me want to play it again
(Image credit: Crystal Dynamics)

Crystal Dynamics goes in for a deep dive, discussing Kate Bishop's entry into Marvel's Avengers and showcasing her move set. The best part is that there's time travel. The worst part? There's still robots.

Since Kate Bishop's story is all about searching for Hawkeye, we also got a glimpse of what his story is going to be like, and boy, is it a dark one.

Kate Bishop deep dive and Hawkeye teaser

Like all of the future expansions, Kate Bishop's story will take place after Marvel's Avengers' main campaign, but you can skip to the War Table version of the game if you don't actually want to experience that part. In this story, Kate Bishop is trying to pull Hawkeye out of an alternate timeline where AIM is still up to no good.

This story also introduces a new villain: the Super-Adaptoid. Yes, it's another robot, but this one has all of the Avengers' super powers, so it might be more interesting than the other robot boss fights. As far as Kate Bishop's movesets go, she uses quantum energy to hit enemies with her arrows or sword. She also has the ability to teleport around enemies or long distances across the map.

Her Heroic abilities consist of using a decoy that can either shoot enemies to distract them or lure enemies toward it and explode in their face. She can also use one of her abilities to teleport to enemies by shooting an arrow, or enable her bow to do some extra damage.

We didn't get to see Hawkeye's gameplay, but we did see a glimpse of him trapped in a post-apocalyptic world where an old, gray-haired Hulk appears before him. It looks very interesting, but if there are still robots in that post-apocalyptic wasteland, I quit.

Kate Bishop will drop into Marvel's Avengers on December 8 at no additional cost. 

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