This is the world's thinnest tablet — and it gets weeks of battery life

(Image credit: reMarkable)

reMarkable announced today the second generation of its aptly-named tablet, the reMarkable 2. The e-ink tablet is designed to let you take notes, read, draw and markup documents without the distractions included with other tablets. 

We reviewed the original reMarkable tablet when it launched back in 2017. While the writing experience was the best we had ever experienced on a tablet, the limited functionality, latency and high price made it a tough sell. The second generation looks to address these concerns.

The reMarkable 2 is available for pre-order today starting at $399, which is $200 less than its predecessor. During pre-order, you also get a Folio and a Marker.

The tablet has slimmed down considerably since the last version, now measuring just 0.185 inches thick while the company claims it can now go weeks on a charge as opposed to the roughly 5 days of the original.

Like the original, the reMarkable 2 uses a proprietary cloud sync platform to keep your documents backed up and available across your tablet and mobile devices or laptop. 

For long-form web articles, a Chrome extension will allow you to download distraction-free versions to the reMarkable 2. The device can now also handle converting your handwritten notes into text.

The feel of writing on the reMarkable tablet was the most impressive part of the original tablet, so we'll be interested to see what 3 years of additional research and innovation have done for this unique e-ink tablet.

Sean Riley

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