Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 design and dimensions revealed in new leak (report)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (Image credit: Future)

While we have been keeping careful tabs on all of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 leaks, we had yet to see any actual images or renders of the device until today.

Reliable mobile device leaker @Onleaks in association with a French case manufacturer Pigtou has posted a number of 3D renders and a 360-degree video based on dimensions and specifications for the Galaxy Tab S7 from his sources (via TechRadar).

Galaxy Tab S7 dimensions

(Image credit: @Onleaks/Pigtou)

With the move to an 11-inch screen this year, we knew that the Galaxy Tab S7 was likely to be slightly larger than its 10.5-inch predecessor, the Galaxy Tab S6. But if these specifications are accurate, the Tab S7 is not only longer and wider than the Tab S6, but also thicker. 

According to the leak, the Galaxy Tab S7 is 9.99 x 6.5 x 0.25-inches compared with the 9.62 x 6.28 x 0.22-inch Galaxy Tab S6. 

The thickness is by far the most interesting piece of this puzzle as it supports the rumor that the Galaxy Tab S7 may feature a somewhat larger battery of 7,760 mAh.

Galaxy Tab Tab S7 design

(Image credit: @Onleaks/Pigtou)

The rest of the design, as we suspected, remains quite similar to the previous model with just a few notable changes. 

Among these is the addition of either a flash or a third lens on the back of the tablet. While the leaker believes it to be a flash, this is only due to his feeling that Samsung would not add a third lens to a tablet; that said, he does not appear to have any hard evidence to support this.

The camera module also sticks out more than it did on the Galaxy Tab S6. This should motivate most users to pick up a case for the tablet to avoid it rocking or scratching the lens when placed on a flat surface.

The other change is to the front-facing camera, which is moving from the top of the tablet in portrait orientation to the top of the tablet in landscape orientation. This is something many have hoped to see on future iPads as well.

While this design presumably will be mirrored by the larger Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, the leaker had nothing specific to say about the rumored 12.4-inch model.

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