Razer's Android gamepad is more than 50% off in this Black Friday deal

Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller
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Black Friday is here and there's a diverse selection of deals to satisfy any and all kinds of customers. In this case, we have Razer's dedicated mobile game controller for Android devices, giving you the opportunity to play on the go without having to press along your screen. You can get the Razer Kishi for $41.54 at Amazon.

If you're not someone who games much on the phone, this probably won't be worth the money, but if you do see yourself getting into the hobby (especially considering how many great indie games exist on phones), this is something worth checking out.

Black Friday has begun and we expect to see tons of excellent holiday deals on gaming laptops. Be sure to bookmark our Black Friday gaming laptop deals hub for the best discounts.

Razer Kishi for Android: $89.99 $41.54 @ Amazon

Razer Kishi for Android: $89.99 $41.54 @ Amazon
Are you someone who's looking for a way to game on your phone without having to rub your thumb all across the screen, interrupting the gorgeous visuals being presented to you? If that appeals to you, you might want to consider the Razer Kishi, as this controller lets you slot your Android phone in nicely and gives you the opportunity to play on the go without a worry.

Mobile gaming has improved significantly over the years. Sure, there are still plenty of predatory microtransactions to be wary of, but we've genuinely seen some amazing games launch on phone devices, especially if you're willing to pay upfront for something great.

The one issue with mobile gaming, however, is the lack of a dedicated gamepad. I personally despise buttons appearing on the screen itself: I strongly believe they interrupt the natural flow of a game's world and make it harder to appreciate the visuals being presented, and it's a lot less satisfying to just tap on a screen rather than press a button.

So, if you're anything like me, the Razer Kishi might be worth checking out. It's currently 54% off during Black Friday, bringing its price down by $48.45. Yes, that means you can get the Razer Kishi for $41.54 now at Amazon

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