PS5 console and games reveal date leaked — and it's coming soon

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"When is the PS5 reveal date?" 

That's the question on everyone's mind as Sony continues to be hush-hush about the console design, launch titles and other pertinent details. You won't have to wait much longer, though as reveal dates have been leaked, GameRant reported.

Early-to-mid June -- that's the rumored time period swirling around gamer enthusiasts' tongues ever since Jason Schreier, a reliable reporter and industry insider, spilled the beans about a next-month PS5 reveal on the Press Start Podcast.

"We're in an atmosphere right now with COVID-19 where nothing is definitive until two days before," Schreier said on the podcast. "Both Sony and Microsoft have been changing their plans constantly. But as of right now, as far as I know, Sony is still on track to do at least one thing by early June." 

Since Schreier's statement, the gaming world exploded with excitement and yearned for more answers about the upcoming PS5 reveal. To mitigate the mass mental gymnastics his words have caused, Schreier clarified his podcast statement on the ResetEra forum: "I said there will be something PS5-related happening by mid-June (unless it’s bumped because of COVID-19). I didn’t say 'the PS5 event' because I don’t know how many things they’re doing." 

Schreier seems to be insinuating that there isn't just one PS5 event happening. Perhaps Sony is planning to ration out PS5 revelations (instead of doing it all at once) sometime within the first two weeks of June. Or Schreier could be implying that there won't be an official event per se (e.g. a livestream), but at the very least, PS5 is brewing something newsworthy for next month.

Schreier's disclosure strengthens the credibility behind the rumored June 4th Sony event date that VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb leaked. Grubb went on to say that the PS5 console reveal may come earlier.

Schreier and Grubb aren't the only bean spillers buzzing about a June PS5 reveal. As our sister site Tom's Guide reported, Twitter leaker PSErebus teased a June 2nd date and claimed that the console design will be revealed on the Playstation Blog. 

On top of that, PSErebus also tweeted that the final PS5 console design will be featured on the front cover of PlayStation Official Magazine UK in August. "The magazine will go on sale digitally in June 2020," PSErebus said. 

The Twitter leaker rattled off some more fascinating information about PS5, revealing that the console will include a graphics-surging option called Boost Mode. They also stated that the top 100 most-played PS4 games will be playable on PS5.

It's unclear whether the Twitter user is a reliable source, but they seem to be quite in the know.

Since Sony revealed the PS5 DualSense controller, there's a good chance that the console design will mimic the controller's two-tone black and white color scheme with a glimmer of blue accents. 

We can't help but wonder if Sony's slow approach (in comparison to Microsoft's Xbox Series X revelations) is a marketing ploy to build up suspense, anticipation and eagerness for the next-gen console.

With Sony torturing us with an incredibly boring "Road to PS5" livestream and teasing its hardware by revealing the DualSense controller, but not the console, we hope the leakers are right and more information is rapidly approaching to satisfy our PS5 thirst.

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