Hurry! PS5 restock is happening at PlayStation Direct — get in line now! [Update: Closed]

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Update on Dec 18 at 3:31pm ET: The PS5 was restocked at PlayStation Direct today at 3:30pm ET, the line to enter is now closed.  

Gamers who haven't secured a PS5 have yet will have yet another chance today with PlayStation Direct releasing some consoles for purchase at 3:30pm ET. You do need a free PlayStation Network account in order to purchase a console up from PlayStation Direct so be sure you have that account created and you are limited to a single console. If you are allowed into the store to purchase a console remember to be quick as it can still sell out after you've been let in.

Good luck everyone!

The console will be sold online only, though you can choose a pickup location at a Best Buy store if you prefer to do a curbside pickup instead of waiting for shipping. We strongly advise against entering a Best Buy with the goal of buying a PS5 unless you've already received an online purchase confirmation.

With the holidays already here, this could be your last time to buy the console before the gift-giving season ends. Actually, this could very well be the best time to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X in 2020. With that said, I've put together a list of tips to help you maximize your chances of purchasing a next-gen console on Tuesday.

PS5 and Xbox Series X: Tips on buying the consoles

These elusive consoles have proven to be near-impossible to purchase at brick-and-mortar stores or in the sporadic "drops" that appear on online retail sites. A vicious combination of high demand, low supply, scalper bots and broken shopping platforms have caused headache and heartache for those hoping to snag the console before the holidays.

I've put together some tips to give you the best chance of buying a PS5 or Xbox Series X. Just keep in mind that there is no surefire way of securing a console. Following these tips will increase your odds but won't guarantee success — buying a next-gen console isn't easy, and there are many external factors that could help or hurt your chances.

  • If your desktop or laptop has an ethernet port, connect it to your router for a hard-wired internet connection. This will ensure you have the fastest speeds possible so you can add the PS5 or Xbox Series X to your cart and checkout before stock runs dry. 
  • If you can't hardwire your connection, cozy up to your router — in general, the closer you are, the faster your speeds.  Why does this matter? Obtaining a PS5 or Xbox Series X at Best Buy is done on a first-come, first-served basis, and the difference between scoring the rig and just missing out could be a matter of milliseconds (or fractions of them). 
  • Before the sale goes live, go into your account, add your payment information (with your billing address), and set the correct address as your preferred location for shipment. 
  • You'll want to move through the checkout process without hesitation because getting the PS5 in your cart doesn't secure your purchase. Refresh your page frequently so you can be among the first to add the console to your cart when it goes up. Once there, go through checkout as quickly as possible
  • Be patient. The Best Buy website will slow down, and likely even crash. Keep trying. Refresh the page, spam that "Add to cart" or "Checkout" button, just don't give up.
  • Sold out doesn't always mean sold out. As we've seen in the past, some retailers will flip the "Sold out" button on and off to regulate traffic. Stay on the site until it becomes apparent that the consoles are gone. 
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