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More PS5 stock coming in 2020, Sony promises

(Image credit: Future)

Sony today released a statement via Twitter, thanking gamers for the overwhelming support and for making the PS5's recent launch the biggest Sony PlayStation console launch ever. 

Sony PS5

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony then promised to meet supply demands over the next month's holiday season. Scoring a PS5 since launch has been a huge struggle for those who weren't able to snag one of the pre-order units from retailers. 

Although both Sony and Microsoft warned of supply slowdowns as far back as September, gamers are still clamoring for the units. Sony suggests staying in contact with retailers for availability details. 

Fingers are crossed that Sony is able to live up to its promise to meet supply demands over the next month for the PS5 as prime holiday shopping seasons begin this Friday. Stay up to date on all the Black Friday deals here