Deathloop goes all-in on PS5 DualSense capabilities -- Here’s what to expect

PS5 DualSense Controller
(Image credit: Future)

 There will be a whole lot of shaking and dying going on. At least according to Bethesda Game Studios’ senior content manager Anne Lewis. In a recent blog post, she writes about how the haptic feedback of the PS5 DualSense controllers will be used to create an immersive gaming experience while playing the upcoming game,  Deathloop. 

Bethesda’s latest IP is a first-person action-adventure title that puts you in the shoes of Colt, an assassin with a mission to eliminate 7 highly dangerous targets. Seems easy enough right? Wrong. One, Colt has a bounty on his head that everyone wants to cash in on. Two, he’s caught in a time loop. That means every time you’re eliminated, you have to start over at target number one. It’s a novel premise with a fantastic art style and thanks to Sony, some immersive haptics.

 In her blog post, Lewis states, "Your trigger button locks up mid-firefight. Damn, another gun jam. It really might be time to find a new weapon. You feel the scrape of your boots against stone as you clamber up a wall. The control rumbles in your hands with each movement. You hear a quiet beeping emanating from the controller’s speaker; there’s a mine nearby, so you better watch your step. These are just a few examples of how Deathloop is taking advantage of the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller to enhance the immersive experience."

After reading the blog post, I got chills and started looking into ordering a PS5 while cursing myself for resisting my initial, primal gamer urges. Although Microsoft recently scooped up Bethesda in a blockbuster acquisition, Lewis reminds us that Sony's exclusivity deal with Bethesda remains firmly intact stating the game will arrive exclusively on PS5 on May 21, 2020. 

That leaves the question of if and when Deathloop will land on Xbox consoles now that Bethesda is owned by Microsoft and just how long Sony's window of exclusivity will last. Whatever the answers are, it doesn’t change the fact that Deathloop will be yet another feather in the PS5’s exclusivity cap.

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