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PlayStation App gets a big update — you can now manage PS5 storage remotely

(Image credit: Sony)

Along with the hugely successful launch of the PS5, Sony revamped its PlayStation App on smartphones, to act as a nifty companion to its next-gen console. Now, it's bringing more features with version 21.4.0.

The new update lets users manage their PS5 storage at any time from the app's settings, meaning they can now delete game files on the fly without having to navigate through the console itself.

Seeing as users could also download games and add-ons through the app, gamers can essentially control their PS5 consoles via their smartphone. The update is now available on iOS and Android devices, and it's completely free. 

How to delete PS5 games remotely 

As spotted by Android Police, the new feature on the PlayStation App will let users delete games while the PS5 is in rest mode. The remote storage management can be accessed through the app's settings.

Once you decide what game to delete (possibly to make space for another Call of Duty: Warzone update?), the PS5 will turn on automatically in order to perform the operation. Once the game is deleted, it will go back to rest mode. Nice and easy.

The app's latest update also brings a few more nifty features, including being able to sort and filter through the PS Store, compare trophies with PS friends, and a few other fixes and performance improvements.

In terms of its social network, the app now lets gamers join multiplayer sessions on their PS5 from game invites, lets them share images, text, and URLs from other apps to friends, along with having the ability to turn party notifications on or off.

Sony also recently updated the PS5 itself, bringing new display options and external storage support. If you're still looking to get your hands on a PS5, our PS5 UK stock watch will point you in the right direction.