OWC 'Copy That' could be a content creator's best friend on macOS — How to try the beta

OWC launched “Copy That” for content creators using macOS
(Image credit: OWC)

This morning OWC launched the beta of "Copy That" for macOS with an eye to speeding up workflows for editors, producers, directors and content creators of every level. Copy That for Mac is a workflow tool that will streamline your footage processing quickly as you go from filming to backing up your content to sharing and editing. 

In a release published to OWC's website, the company stated, " Copy That for Mac is built on speed, optimized to complete the copy process using every available resource at its disposal, whether you are copying an entire card/disk or moving select files." 

From previous experience, having a workflow tool that can increase my productivity at an optimized speed is a massive help in the often collaborative content creator's environment. Being able to quickly share footage speeds up the entire production process.

Copy That does more than just copying your files; it also helps in the verification process, which speeds production up in other measurable ways. Data integrity is essential during the whole process. Featuring multiple Checksum options such as XXHash-64, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2 256, SHA-2 512, and the ability to verify your file size is extremely helpful while ensuring your data remains intact. 

The other important area where Copy That could prove helpful is reporting and logging where your data is located. Copy That creates detailed reports in several formats (MHL, PDF, TXT, CVS) that will include all the relevant information users need to keep track of their workflows. The other remarkable aspect of this reporting tool in Copy That is that it creates thumbnails that help you find what you're looking for in seconds. 

If, like many of us that produce and create content, you know the power and convenience of using presets to speed things up. The team at OWC has added a handy Preset tool to Copy That that allows the user to create the name, location, and file naming prefix and details when dealing with multiple projects. These presets are super handy when your content creation workflow requires creating repetitive copies and will save you a lot of time. 

How to download OWC's Copy That macOS beta

To take Copy That for a spin and see if the tools will help your team's workflow, you can download the beta version for free at OWC right now.

Mark Anthony Ramirez

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