Ouch! Microsoft slams the iPad Pro as the heavier, pricier version of the Surface Pro 7

iPad Pro vs. Surface
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The iPad Pro got a tongue lashing from a teenaged actor in Microsoft's newest Surface Pro 7 commercial. The young boy slammed the iPad Pro for being a pricier, heavier, lamer version of the Surface Pro 7.

This isn't the first time that Microsoft slung mud at Apple's offerings. In a commercial shared in early January, the Redmond-based tech giant derided the MacBook Pro for its pointless Touch Bar and poor versatility compared to the Surface Pro 7.

The iPad Pro painted as heavier, pricier and lamer than Surface Pro 7 in new ad

"A lot of people wanted me to compare the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 to the iPad Pro, so here we go!" the young actor said, kicking off the anti-Apple commercial. He went on to gush about the Surface Pro 7's built-in kickstand while letting the iPad Pro slam onto the table, demonstrating its inability to stand on its own.

The detachable keyboards for both tablets were also compared. The young actor clowned the iPad Pro for offering a heavier keyboard while he praised the Surface Pro 7's easy-to-attach Type Cover keyboard. "I love that click!" he said after snapping the keyboard to the Surface Pro 7.

The iPad Pro also got dragged through the mud for its lack of connectivity options, which we've pointed out in our own review. "With the Surface, you've got all types of ports. The iPad has one. You want to be this guy?" the young actor said cheekily.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 ad

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft then made a statement that would make Apple's blood boil: "iPad Pro is just a tablet. Surface is a full computer and a tablet." With all the marketing money the MacBook maker has shelled out to convince the masses that the iPad Pro is a laptop replacement, we're sure the folks at Apple are fuming.

Finally, Microsoft attacked Apple for its sky-high pricing, reminding viewers that the Surface Pro 7 costs $880 while the iPad Pro will set you back $1,348 (if you purchase them bundled with their respective keyboards).

I couldn't help but look at our testing results to see which tablet is superior in terms of performance, and according to our benchmarks, the Surface Pro 7 (Intel Core i5-1035G4 CPU and 8GB of RAM) got smoked by the iPad Pro (A12Z Bionic chip with 6GB of RAM) on Geekbench 5. The Surface Pro 7 served up a score of 4,443 while the iPad Pro achieved a score of 4,720. The iPad Pro also has better endurance. It lasted 10 hours and 16 minutes on the Laptop Mag battery test while the Surface Pro 7 had a runtime of 7 hours and 30 minutes. 

iPad Pro

iPad Pro (Image credit: Laptop Mag)

Like all companies, Microsoft is cherry picking the Surface Pro 7's best features while being hush-hush about its less-attractive qualities. Still, this Microsoft vs. Apple rivalry is highly entertaining — even though it's seemingly one-sided with Microsoft doing all of the bashing.

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