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Intel fires shots at Apple by converting the 'I'm a Mac' guy

Intel Mac vs PC Ad
(Image credit: Intel)

The ever-lasting feud between Mac and PC continues. While Intel \already fired shots at Apple's M1 processors earlier this year, it is now bringing back an iconic ad campaign to throw more punches at Apple's line of MacBooks and accessories.

Intel has released several new ads bringing back actor Justin Long as a "real person doing a real comparison between Mac and PC", except this time, he's definitely not a Mac guy. 

Intel's new set of ads are inspired by the Mac vs. PC adverts of the noughties when Long would pose as a Mac next to John Hodgman (a PC) and talk about its advantages over PC. The tides of war have shifted, with Long praising how Windows 10 laptops are the better choice when it comes to design, gaming and variety.

One of the ads mocks Apple's lack of colors in MacBook models, stating that users can get "grey and...greyer," while another ad talks about gaming on a Mac, and how "no one really games on a Mac." Oh, burn (although we've tried gaming on a Mac mini with some success).

One of the more glaring ads shows how Apple doesn't have any 2-in-1 laptops, but instead, offers different accessories and additional devices such as its Magic Keyboard or iPad that people would have to buy separately.

Are people buying it though? Looking at the comments, many feel Intel is a tad insecure due to Apple's hugely-successful ARM-based M1 processors. Previously, Intel's Chief Executive Pat Gelsinger stated, "Intel will reclaim its crown." Clearly, Intel is looking for ways to beat its competition, even making Long betray his Mac persona.

Whether you're a true Mac fanatic or staying strong with Intel, you'll still find both are among some of the best laptops out right now. Although, we can't wait to see what Apple fires back with.