Nintendo Switch Pro potential leak reveals tons of exciting details

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Rumors regarding the new Nintendo Switch model have been circulating for a long time, and every subsequent month, it seems we receive new "leaks" about it. Now that it's 2021, these leaks won't stop until it actually launches. So, take every detail in this article with a bit of skepticism, as it could entirely be fake. 

Wccftech reports that a dataminer by the name of SciresM discovered a new "hardware revision" currently titled Aula. This revision comes with all sorts of possible changes to the Switch, including possible 4K, an OLED panel and significantly superior battery life.

SciresM's findings had initially been reported on the ResetEra forums, where their predictions and findings were shared across the site. Most notably, this dataminer claims that Nintendo has apparently been working on this for around two years. They also claim that there are tons of references to this hardware named "Aula" in the code, and that it runs on Mariko, which is a system series developed by Nvidia.

Additionally, people possessed theories that the Nintendo Switch Pro would be completely missing a handheld mode to make way for greater power within the hardware itself. However, this leak suggests the opposite. "Aula explicitly supports handheld mode. It is not docked only," claims SciresM.

We can also look forward to an OLED panel in handheld mode. SciresM claims "the upgraded tablet display is an OLED screen. Probably not higher resolution on tablet itself, so I guess the 4k realtek chip is more likely to be new dock than I thought it was."

And finally, perhaps the most important detail is that this new hardware has "substantially better cooling and battery life." The dataminer doesn't provide much detail regarding the specifics outside of this, but if this is true, we can look forward to a much more powerful variant of the Nintendo Switch.

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