New Xbox Family Settings app lets parents control how kids game

Xbox Family Settings app
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox Series X is slated to launch this holiday season, and with that, Microsoft is taking the first step to ensure that parents can keep their kids' playtime in check by introducing the Xbox Family Settings app.

The Xbox Family Settings app gives parents the ability to set screen time limits, enable content filters, adjust communication settings and receive daily activity reports.

Xbox Family Settings app features

The Xbox Family Settings app is currently in its Preview version, but you can download it on iOS and Android devices. According to Microsoft, there are over 20 customizable features to help parents manage their children's screen time.

With screen time limits, you can set limits for each day of the week, so kids have more time on the weekend and less during the school week. You can also extend time limits easily through the app if your child requests it.

Additionally, content filters will set filters on what kind of games your child could access (an 8-year-old can only access games rated E). This is incredibly useful if you have Xbox Game Pass and your child has access to a ton of free downloadable games.

The play and communication settings portion will let you manage your child's friend lists, friend requests and how they are able to chat with other players.

Finally, the activity reports will let you and your child know how they spend their time on Xbox.

If you plan on using this app, the good thing is that you can respond to all of the notifications in real-time, so even if you're busy, you can quickly address your child's playtime or friend requests in the notification settings.

None of these controls are new, but the Xbox Family Settings app is a much more convenient way to act as a responsible parent in your children's lives.

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