My hunt for the Pixelbook Go in Not Pink is finally over

Pixelbook go Not Pink
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The Google Pixelbook Go in Not Pink is hard to find — who knew? I learned this when I needed a secondary laptop. Since my original Pixelbook Go in Just Black has served me so well over the years, I decided to hunt for the Not Pink variant. As we reported last year Google is no longer planning to release another Pixelbook. The tech giant shifted its focus to working with Chromebook makers like HP to advance the platform. The new HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook, for example, is a clear spiritual successor to the Pixelbook. 

Much like the original Pixelbook, the Pixelbook Go is still sought after, the Not Pink color variant in particular. “It is outright impossible to find the “Not Pink" Pixelbook Go”, tweeted @ABrownMike. "I've been desperately looking for ages!", @JamesThomasByrd replied in a tweet. And this was just five months ago. 

So why are people still checking for the Pixelbook Go these days? Well for me, no other Chromebook has the design, features, and functions that I’m looking for in a laptop. I love the Pixelbook Go for its slim, lightweight design, solid magnesium alloy build, and ribbed base which makes it easy to grip and balance on your lap. Its glass trackpad is smooth to the touch and responsive and it has a long battery life of 14 hours or more.

The Pixelbook Go is also fanless, has a fantastic keyboard, and runs Linux native programs and Android apps. Beyond its premium design, the Pixelbook Go draws me with the best Google experience. It works seamlessly with other Google devices like my Pixel 7 Pro and Chromecast with Google TV. Released in 2019, is considered a dinosaur in laptop years. However, it’s scheduled to receive Google updates through 2026 and after three years of ownership my first Pixelbook Go is running just as smoothly and snappy as the day I bought it. If I decide to keep it when it reaches end-of-life support, perhaps Linux Mint can resuscitate it. 

After two months of scouring eBay and Mercari, I came across a Redditor from Singapore selling an open box fully-loaded Not Pink Pixelbook Go. It has a 13.3-inch 4K display, 8th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB, and 256GB SSD. Normally $1,399 + tax, I paid $720 shipped. I was skeptical, but like that feeling you get when you spot a rare Pokemon in the wild, I just couldn’t let it get away. After getting outbid on eBay twice and not willing to spend the $1,260 asking price of one UK seller for it, I took a chance. It arrived safely on my doorstep and was in fact, open box in original packaging. It was never removed from its plastic sleeve and the accessories and Google stickers were still wrapped up as new. 

Although here at Laptop Mag we normally don't recommend laptops more than two years old, to me, the Pixelbook Go is an exception. For me, it does the Google experience justice and ticks all the boxes in terms of build quality, design, performance, and feel. I'm thrilled at the prospect of many more years with my Not Pink Pixelbook Go helping me to cover all of the latest deals at Laptop Mag.

Hilda Scott

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