iPadOS 15 unveiled at WWDC 2021: Everything coming to iPad this year

iPadOS 15 unveiled at WWDC 2021: Here's everything coming to iPad this year
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Amidst the slew of new announcements at WWDC 2021, Apple officially announced new features coming to iPadOS 15 this year.

There are a number of new features, including multitasking updates that make the iPad a much more versatile device as well as widgets you can add to your home screen. Here's everything Apple is adding to iPadOS 15. 

iPadOS 15 new features

You can now place widgets on your home screen. This is achieved by bringing up the widget gallery by holding the home screen. These widgets essentially act as a mini-version of said app that takes up a large space on the home screen.

iPadOS 15

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Like the iPhone, the App Library is now available for iPadOS. It'll let you reorder and hide app pages on your home screen.

There's a new control at the top of the apps now called the Multitasking menu. This lets you snap two apps together at once, letting you work on both at the same time, similar to the Windows 10 snap feature. There's also a feature called the Shelf, which lets you visualize the open apps at the bottom of the screen. 

The Notes app has also been updated, which lets you tag people within Notes, categorize notes, and even visualize changes that have happened within that document. You can also take notes right away with the Quick Note feature.

Apple is also bringing Translate to iPadOS 15, so you easily have conversations with people who don't speak the same language as you.

iPadOS 15 also features Swift Playgrounds updates, which lets people develop apps on the iPad. Now you can build apps for iPad and iOS on iPad.

To top iPadOS 15 off, everything announced today for iOS 15 is also available for iPadOS 15.

iPadOS 15

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iOS 15 brings a ton of updates. FaceTime links will allow you to schedule FaceTime calls just as with popular options like Zoom. SharePlay lets you bring music, videos, or your screen into your calls. Messages updates include a new collage design to show off photos. 

The notification summary will deliver an update with all of the notifications that you've missed at a set time during the day. Do not disturb is getting an update as well with the ability to set a number of distinct styles: Do Not Disturb, Personal, Work and Sleep. Photos Memories will create collages, videos with music from your library. 

Wallet is getting updated with the ability to have your ID saved in your Apple Wallet in some states. Weather is getting an update as well with a full-screen high-resolution weather map. Apple Maps is bringing greater details to the maps including custom-designed landmarks and topography.

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