iPad Pro with mini LED display might be coming soon — here's the rumored release date

iPad Pro 2020
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The rumored iPad Pro with mini LED display technology is fast approaching, according to a report from Korean news outlet ET News. Rumors about the next-generation iPad Pro have been buzzing since early this year, and ET news is confirming all the gossip (via 9to5Mac).

The rumored release date for the upcoming iPad Pro is sometime between January and March of 2021. Tech insiders say the new iPad Pro was initially poised to launch this year, but Apple delayed its release to focus on the iPhone 12.

New iPad Pro with mini LED display is imminent

The upcoming iPad Pro is rumored to be equipped with 5G and a mini LED display, which is not to be confused with micro-LED. Mini LED is a new screen backlighting technology that is visually similar to an OLED display, but offers increased brightness and higher contrast ratio while still remaining power efficient.

Mini LED displays have LEDs that are 50% smaller than the typical LEDs found on LED TVs. Mini LED not only improves brightness and contrast, but also serves up richer black levels by using "local dimming" technology. Mini LED displays, according to a display-industry spokesperson, offer visuals that are lifelike.

Tech pundits believe Apple's mini LED products will start a trend among other tech giants. “Starting with Apple, other IT device manufacturers will also follow Apple’s suit in using Mini LED backlight LCDs,” a display-industry spokesperson told ET News.

LG display is reportedly supplying the mini LED screens to Apple. LG display, according to ET News, will begin mass-production of mini LED displays at the end of this year. Starting with the 12.9-inch model, Apple is poised to launch the mini LED-equipped iPad Pro by early next year.

Aside from the iPad Pro, next-gen MacBooks and iMacs are rumored to have mini LED displays, too.

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