Exclusive: iDrive Photos adds 1TB of PC or Mac storage to its unlimited mobile plan — still just $9.99 a year!

IDrive Photos app for Android and iOS
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iDrive Photos was launched last June by the iDrive team as an affordable and unlimited mobile photo and video storage solution at just $9.99 per year. You may recall that this is when Google Photos brought an end to its free unlimited backup plan, which caused many to scramble for an alternative solution.

iDrive Photos immediately jumped into the discussion for the best mobile backup solutions and tomorrow the company is announcing that iDrive Photos will now include 1TB of cloud storage for Mac or PC for the same $9.99 a year, or just 99 cents for the first year. 

It's hard to overstate what an amazing deal this is compared to the rest of the cloud storage landscape, but here's a quick look at some of its competitors' offerings. Google and Amazon's lowest cloud storage tiers are $19.99 a year, which gets you 100GB of storage. That's double the price for 1/10th of what you are getting with iDrive Photos and that's if you don't include the unlimited backup of mobile photos and videos. 

Apple's iCloud pricing starts at 99 cents a month, but that's for a paltry 50GB of storage, it bumps up to $2.99 a month for 200GB, which is less storage than the mid-tier iPhone 13. If you want an apples-to-apples comparison in terms of unlimited mobile photo and video storage, Flickr Pro is $60 per year.

I could go on with more, but I think that makes the point clear, iDrive Photos is by far the most affordable cloud storage solution and it doesn't stop with the storage space. 

iDrive Photos also gives you the ability to easily share your photos or videos from the app, it gives you a Timeline View to quickly scan through for a specific event, auto-upload ensures your photos and videos are always backed up in case anything happens to your phone and your favorites album lets you gather all of your most cherished photos and videos in one spot. 

iDrive Photos: $9.99 per year at iDrive

iDrive Photos: $9.99 per year at iDrive
Unlimited mobile photo and video backup along with 1TB of PC or Mac storage for just $9.99 a year or 99 cents for the first year.

iDrive Photos was already my go-to recommendation for prolific mobile photographers and videographers. But the addition of 1TB of general-purpose cloud storage for your PC or Mac while maintaining that $9.99 per year price point makes it the best cloud storage solution for most users. 

iDrive will announce the change tomorrow and existing subscribers will automatically get the 1TB of PC or Mac storage added to their plan. So if you've been looking for a cloud storage solution you don't have to wait, check it out today.

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