IDrive Photos offers unlimited photo and video storage for $10 a year — time to drop Google Photos

IDrive Photos app for Android and iOS
(Image credit: IDrive)

With the end of Google Photos' free unlimited backup, many Android and iOS users who relied on the service are in search of a new affordable option, and IDrive Photos looks poised to be that solution. 

IDrive was already one of the services we recommended as a potential replacement for Google Photos, but today, the company has announced a new IDrive Photos plan that offers unlimited full-resolution photo and video backup on Android and iOS devices for just $9.95 per year. 

There's nothing that comes close to that value for unlimited full-resolution backup on mobile. IDrive even has a special offer right now for 90% off for the first year, making it just 99 cents to try IDrive Photos for the next year.

IDrive Photos gives you access to those photos from any other device by just signing into iDrive Photos. This includes downloading any or all of your backed-up photos from any other device if you are looking to create a local backup of your cloud storage, for example. Auto upload is available on both Android and iOS to ensure you never lose a photo.

IDrive Photos also lets you easily browse your photos and videos with its Timeline View and share photos and videos with a simple link. Selecting your favorite photos will automatically group them all into an album for you to view at any time. 

IDrive Photos can't compete with some of the helpful tricks that you get with Google Photos, like its robust search functionality, facial recognition, automatically generated videos, stylized photos and more. However, as a pure storage solution for all of your mobile photography, this is easily the most affordable unlimited option we've seen. And with IDrive's strong track record in the cloud storage realm, it's also one that you can trust.

Existing or new IDrive customers that want to use IDrive Photos alongside their 5TB or 10TB cloud storage plan also now get unlimited mobile photo and video storage, so whether you need a full backup solution or just an option for your mobile device, IDrive has you covered.

Sean Riley

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