Apple Glass enters trial production — Here's what that means

Apple Glass
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Apple Glass, the MacBook maker's augmented reality project, is gaining forward momentum. Apple's AR glasses are reportedly entering into the trial production phase with Foxconn Technology — Apple's largest contract manufacturer, according to The Information (via 9to5Mac).

Extracting juicy intel from an Apple insider, The Information explained that Apple Glass passed the prototype stage two months ago and the AR spectacles are currently being manufactured for testing.

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What happens with Apple Glass during the trial production stage?

In the case of Apple Glass, the trial production stage indicates that the AR spectacles have entered a phase called Engineering Validation Test (EVT). At the EVT stage, Apple has already locked down the product's design, and the tech megacorp churns out thousands of units to test its suitability for mass production.

The lenses on Apple Glass are reportedly semi-transparent and polarized to offer stereoscopic images. The Information adds that the lenses are challenging to make because they are composed of multiple, super-thin layers that are all susceptible to bubbles, scratches and other marks. Consequently, Apple Glass must be manufactured in dust-free, clean rooms. 

Apple Glass is now being developed on a single production line at a China-based Foxconn factory — the location where most iPads are produced.

The Information's inside source also divulged that Apple Glass's lenses are slightly larger than the ones you'd find in your average pair of glasses.

When can we expect Apple Glass to hit the mass consumer market?

Apple Glass is reportedly one to two years away from mass production, according to The Information. This lines up with the Apple Glass release date window that Bloomberg Businessweek unveiled in mid-June. Bloomberg Businessweek's Apple insider predicts that Apple fans will be able to get their hands on Apple Glass by 2023.

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