How to watch The Adam Project online: Where to stream, release date, plot and trailer

How to watch The Adam Project online: Where to stream, release date, plot and trailer
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It’s a story as old as time; boy meets girl, girl goes missing in a time-space anomaly, boy travels back in time to find her, bumps into his 12-year old self, boys travel back in time once more, boys reunite with their deceased father, find girl, and all four team up to prevent the end of the world. Quite honestly, I’m growing tired and weary of these original, well-written, star-studded, heart-warming, sci-fi adventures that critics are already calling an instant classic. However, if you’re the type of person that likes fun and entertainment, check out our guide on how to watch The Adam Project online.

In The Adam Project, Ryan Reynolds takes on the lead role of time-traveling fighter pilot Adam Reed, who accidentally crash-lands in 2022 before teaming up with his younger self (played by newcomer Walker Scobell) on a mission to save the future. The film caps off a trilogy of Netflix Originals starring Reynolds, who previously appeared in Michael Bay’s action-packed 6 Underground and the massively popular Red Notice alongside Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. Reynolds and Scobell are joined by an all-star cast, including Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner and Zoe Saldaña, for a quick-witted blast through time that channels the magic of 80s classics like E.T. and Flight of the Navigator.

The Adam Project official trailer

How to watch The Adam Project online

With a cast that includes some of the biggest names in Hollywood, you’d be forgiven for thinking of The Adam Project as a prime candidate for a cinematic release. However, this big-budget time-traveling romp is a Netflix Original and will be exclusively available to the On Demand platform starting Friday, March 11, 2022.

The Adam Project will be released on Netflix across the U.S. and Canada at midnight PST (2 a.m. EST). Subscribers in the U.K. will be able to stream the film starting 8 a.m. GMT, and Australian audiences will be able to watch starting at 7 p.m. AEDT.


Watch The Adam Project exclusively on Netflix

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How to watch The Adam Project while abroad

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The Adam Project official teaser

What is the plot of The Adam Project?

Mourning the sudden loss of his father a year earlier, 12-year-old Adam Reed stumbles upon an injured pilot hiding out in his garage. Adam quickly deduces that he and the pilot have more in common than a simple scar and are in fact the same person. The pilot, an older version of Adam, is on a secret mission from the future, and together they must travel further back in time to reunite with their father and save the world.

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Who stars in The Adam Project?

Not only does the cast of The Adam Project contain some of Hollywood’s biggest names, but it also features several big-screen Marvel alumni. The actors and actresses involved in Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), The Avengers (Mark Ruffalo), Guardians of the Galaxy (Zoe Saldña) and Elektra (Jennifer Garner) all share top billing alongside new-comer Walker Scobell. The Adam Project also marks a reunion between Ruffalo and Garner, with the duo previously having worked together in 2004’s 13 Going On 30.

Ryan Reynolds (as Adam Reed) - A fighter pilot from the year 2050, who time travels to 2022 to find his lost love interest. During his mission, Adam teams up with his adolescent self and deceased father to change the future by changing the past.

Walker Scobell (as young Adam Reed) - Grieving his father’s recent death and often in the midst of trouble, 12-year-old Adam Reed is plunged into adventure when he meets his future self joining him on a mission to save the world.

Zoe Saldaña (as Laura) - Laura is Adam Reed’s love interest from the year 2050. After becoming lost via a time-space anomaly, Adam must travel back in time to find her so they can both continue their mission to save the future.

Mark Ruffalo (as Louis Reed) & Jennifer Garner (as Ellie Reed) - Louis and Ellie Reed are Adams' parents in the present day. After Louis (a brilliant physicist who was working on time travel) dies, Ellie is left to grieve with their son Adam and to deal with his troubled nature.

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