Don't buy the Meta Quest 3 if you own a PS5 — PSVR 2 is a better investment

Don't buy the Meta Quest 3 if you own a PS5 — PSVR 2 is a better investment
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Did you just watch the Meta Gaming Showcase and are hyped for the Meta Quest 3? But are you also a PS5 owner curious about the PSVR 2? Let me make this easy for you. Don't buy the Meta Quest 3 ($499) — buy the PSVR 2 ($549).

Obviously this comes down to personal preference, but financially, the PSVR 2 is the smarter move (if you own a PS5). This isn't a direct face-off, so we're not comparing specs, design, or comfort. Just pure financial responsibility.

What's really giving you the most bang for your buck? It's not Meta Quest 3. Let me explain why PS5 owners should stick with the PSVR 2.

The PSVR 2 will last

We'll likely see a Meta Quest 5 before the PSVR 2 becomes obsolete.

PS VR2 review

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Let's start with the facts and some simple math. The original Meta Quest launched in 2019, which was followed by the Meta Quest 2 in 2020 and now the Meta Quest 3 in 2023. Meanwhile, the original PSVR launched in 2016 followed by the PSVR 2 in 2023. Therefore the potential lifespan of the PSVR 2 is up to 7 years, whereas the lifespan of the Meta Quest 3 is anywhere between 1 to 3 years. The Meta Quest costs $499 and the PSVR 2 costs $549 — that’s only a $50 difference.

Do you really want to bet on a piece of tech that'll become the grandparent of its series before the PSVR 2 even gets the birds and the bees talk? There's always going to be pressure to buy the latest tech out there, and eventually, the hardware you have won't even be considered for new releases. The original PSVR suffered from that, but the occasion before that became a problem didn’t happen for 7 years.

The PSVR 2 will outlive the Meta Quest 3 — and more than likely the Meta Quest 4.

Jump into iconic worlds with the PSVR 2

I'm not going to compare games on the Meta Quest 3 and PSVR 2 one to one because this isn't about which VR headset has the better games. This is about which VR headset is more financially sensible to purchase based on your preferences.

Horizon Call of the Mountain

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If you already own a PS5, you’ve bought into the Sony ecosystem with games like Horizon and Gran Turismo, so it makes more sense to invest in the PSVR 2 headset. You're not just investing in the technology — you’re buying into future iconic IPs that are bound to catch your interest. You have the aforementioned ones as well as some that haven't gotten VR yet, like God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, and more. There's no guarantee that these games will have VR counterparts, but there's a chance. We already have Horizon Call of the Mountain and Gran Turismo 7.

Now, if you happen to be bought into both the Meta and Sony ecosystem in terms of games — just ask yourself which are the games you prefer? The only thing I'll add to that self-pondering question is that, with Sony, you get the consistency of one brand. Meta, on the other hand, is a bit of a free for all.

Don’t buy into PSVR 2 if you don’t have a PS5 — get the Meta Quest 3

It’s simple. If you don’t own a PS5, don’t bother with the PSVR 2. Get the Meta Quest 3 instead.

Meta Quest 3

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Let’s keep this about your finances. The Meta Quest 3 ($499) and the PSVR 2 ($549) aren’t too dissimilar in terms of hitting your wallet where it hurts, but we’re taking it to another level when adding the PS5 ($399 to $499) on top of that. The last thing that you want is to see that bill hit the quadruple digits. You’d be able to purchase the Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest 4 for a similar sum price.

I like Meta and Sony — what do I do?

If you’re heavily invested into both the Sony and Meta universes, I’d still recommend getting the PSVR 2. Why? Because it’ll last longer, and in a few years, you can pick up the Meta Quest 4. The PSVR 2 will still be alive and well, and you can benefit from an even better VR headset from Meta because of your patience.

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