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Xbox Series X scores another backwards compatability win

Xbox Series X specs
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft is making it a point with the Xbox Series X of offering phenomenal backwards compatibility with the Xbox One (and even earlier Xbox consoles), and today we have yet another example. 

The director of program management for Xbox Series X, Jason Ronald, indicated on the latest episode of Inside Xbox that users can simply plug an external hard drive loaded with Xbox One games into the Xbox Series X and be up and playing immediately (via Gamespot).

While made-for Xbox Series X games require the speed of internal SSD storage or an expansion card, owners with Xbox One games on an external hard drive will be able to simply connect and start playing from that drive without cluttering up their valuable internal Xbox Series X drive space.

Again, given the far-reaching backwards compatibility support of the Xbox Series X, this is an awesome addition for those with an extensive existing collection of games who were wondering how they were going to manage older Xbox games on the upcoming console.  

The Xbox team has made no bones about its confidence in the Xbox Series X and consumer-friendly moves like these, coupled with the hardware advantages over the PS5 make it easy to see why.