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Xbox Series S set to unveil in August at a low price (report)

Xbox Series S to reportedly be unveiled in August at a cheaper price point
(Image credit: Reddit - u/jiveduder)

Fans have been anticipating the unveiling of the Xbox Series S, also known as Project Lockhart, for quite some time. Following the release of a recent Microsoft technical document, we have some idea about when we'll be getting new information.

A Eurogamer report, which echoes a VentureBeat claim, says the Xbox Series S was meant to be revealed in June, but was pushed back to a separate event in August.

Xbox Series S: What is it actually?

The Xbox Series S is designed to be a disc-less low-power version of the Xbox Series X that's rumored to cost somewhere between $200 and $300.

In terms of specs, it's been rumored to include a 4-GHz AMD Ryzen APU and 16GB of RAM. And supposedly the performance target for this hardware is to run games at 1080p at 60 frames per second, which is pretty good for people with a standard 1080p TV.

There haven't been many credible rumors about when the Xbox Series S will launch, but we're theorizing anywhere between five to 12 months post-Series X launch.

Stay tuned for more Xbox news, and check out the Xbox Games Showcase that went down yesterday for some sick Halo Infinite gameplay.