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Samsung to develop 7-inch OLED display for new Nintendo Switch — starting this June (report)

Nintendo Switch
(Image credit: Future)

A new Nintendo Switch is on the horizon, and it's looking to be bigger than ever thanks to a little help from Samsung, according to sources from Bloomberg.

Nintendo is reaching out to Samsung Display to develop a bigger, 7-inch OLED touchscreen for its upcoming Nintendo Switch, and its set to roll out in 2021. We did say there was still hope for a Nintendo Switch Pro to be unveiled this year, although don't expect it to come out until the holiday period. 

Samsung bringing the power

The Switch Pro (or Super Switch) is expected to have 720p resolution, but is capable of 4K resolution output. As the report states, Nintendo wants to keep up with current-gen consoles, namely the PS5 and Xbox Series X. With a fancy OLED screen from Samsung Display, it could just about do it.

The report also claims Samsung Display will start production of the display panels in June. That makes sense if Nintendo plans to release the new console at the end of the year.

Sources didn't tease any hardware specs for the new Switch, but with a bigger screen and 4K capabilities, it's sure to get a bump in power.

Despite the launch of Sony's and Microsoft's much sought-after consoles last year, the Switch still saw a 7% increase in sales, selling 11.6 million units over the holidays. If the new Switch model comes out during the same period in 2021, sales would go through the roof (fingers crossed the scalping issue is solved by then).

Samsung Display has been reportedly developing display panels for plenty of big vendors recently, including Google and Oppo, especially for foldable OLED displays. It doesn't come as a big surprise Nintendo would reach out to the OLED manufacturer, as plenty of big brands rely on the display panel manufacturer.