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PS5 patent suggests PS3, PS2 and PS1 backwards compatibility is coming

PS5 Console and DualSense
(Image credit: Unsplash)

Sony's PS5 may have a few advantages over its next-gen console rival, from its DualSense controller to a selection of exclusive PS5 launch titles. But the Xbox Series X triumphs in backwards compatibility.

However, a new patent filed by Sony suggests backwards compatibility may be added to the PS5 in the near future, and it also hints that players will be able to earn trophies for the older titles. 

Backward compatibility on PS5

Filed back in November 2020 and only recently made public, the patent explains a "method and apparatus for awarding trophies." Not just for any game, but specifically for "emulated" games.

As seen on Reddit (via GameRant), many have taken this as a way for Sony to award trophies for backwards compatible games, from the PS1 all the way to the PS4. While it's not specified what games are being emulated, it certainly hints that PlayStation gamers may finally get what they've been craving.

If the patent is indeed hinting at the possibility of backward compatibility, it could mean Sony is taking its time in bringing the feature by adding trophies to the older titles. While trophies add a new layer of challenge to games, some Reddit members have written that it would be disappointing if PlayStation trophies were holding the anticipated feature back.

While PS Now does offer a selection of titles from past generations, from Infamous to The Last of Us, it hasn't nearly taken off as well due to lag and streaming issues. Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass blows it out of the water.  

The PS Store does offer a handful of PS2 titles, like Jak and Daxter, but there are still thousands more out there. However, if you do crave playing some adored retro titles, there is a way to turn an Xbox Series X|S into a retro emulator.