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PlayStation is 'quietly' investing in PS5 first-party software — expect more exclusive games than ever before

PS5 Console and DualSense
(Image credit: Unsplash)

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan claims the PS5 will have more "dedicated software" than ever before by investing in more first-party game developers.

Speaking to financial site Nikkei (via VGC), Ryan states Sony has been "quietly but steadily" investing in high-quality games for PlayStation, with the main goal of making the PS5 have more exclusives titles than any other PS console before. 

In the report, Ryan also hinted Sony is trying to acquire more game studios, much like how Microsoft recently acquired Bethesda to bring more exclusive Xbox Series X and PC games.

"We have repeatedly engaged in mergers and acquisitions, including Insomniac Games in the US,” Ryan said. “We will not rule out that option in the future.”

While there's no mention of which studios Sony plans to partner up with, we're expecting some big names if it's hoping to compete with Microsoft. The company already acquired Marvel's Spider-Man developer Insomniac in 2019, and has big hitters such as God of War's Santa Monica Studio and Ghost of Tsushima's Sucker Punch Productions.

There is a number of PS5 exclusive titles coming out this year, including Returnal coming out on April 30 and Ratchet & Clank set to release on June 11. On top of that, there's still Horizon: Forbidden West and God of War 5: Ragnarok also slated for a 2021 release.

Ryan also addressed the PS5 stock shortages, stating Sony is now asking suppliers to "allow" the company to increase production, aiming to release more PS5 consoles out into the wild this year. With scalpers and a shortage of semiconductors in the mix, that may not be so simple a task.