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Next Apple Watch could come with this big improvement

Apple Watch
(Image credit: Apple )

Apple Watches feature a Taptic engine that is used to provide haptic feedback to users. This feature alerts the wearer of statuses such as an elevated heart rate amd email notifications. It also reminds them to stand up and move around or even to take a moment for a meditative breath.   

AppleInsider recently discovered a patent under the title of, “Portable Electronic Device Having a Haptic Device with a Moving Battery Element” filled by Apple. It now appears that Apple is trying to improve the Haptic experience by using the battery within the Apple Watch itself. 

According to the language in the patent, the battery for the proposed Apple Watch could be combined with the display in a coiled assembly that can be “configured to induce an oscillatory movement of the battery element parallel to the display to produce the haptic output.” This design creates endless possibilities for an improved Haptic experience. 

If Apple chooses to go with this method, it could create more room within the Apple Watch for other components that could add different features to the watch. It seems like Apple is cooking up some changes to the innards of the Apple Watch that will greatly benefit users.