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Microsoft Edge adds new features including price comparison in time for holidays.

Microsoft Edge
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Edge was recently updated and they've added two new features that are extremely helpful and user friendly. As we enter the holiday shopping season, Microsoft Edge will have a new price comparison tool available so that users can compare item lists while shopping and not only comparisons shop but also find coupons on the latest deals. 

The new price comparison tool is still being developed and they will be adding the ability to add discount codes upon checkout. The new tool is currently limited to the U.S. and only a few retailers that include Target, Walmart, New Egg, Best Buy, and Amazon

The other new tool being added to Microsoft Edge will help everyone, not just shoppers, is their new screenshot tool. Not only will it allow you to grab the entire screen, but it also allows you to scroll and have exact image captures. 

The other things added to Edge have improved PDF handling, Pinterest integration, and the ability to customize every new tab page using your own photos. Lastly, they've added the ability to export data from Collections to Microsoft Excel, Pinterest, and OneNote.

Sadly, there is still no cross-device syncing which is something users have been pretty vocal about. Hopefully, the company will add it at a later date.