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New Microsoft Edge tool might convince you to abandon Google Chrome

(Image credit: Future)

While Edge relies on the same Chromium codebase as Google Chrome, Microsoft has plenty of differing takes on what makes a great browser as we saw when we pitted Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge.

For those who still haven't tried the new Chromium-based Edge browser, Microsoft might have another feature coming soon to win you over, "Web Capture" was recently spotted by the Windows Latest team in the Microsoft Edge Canary build and it looks like a solid built-in tool that most browsers leave up to third-party extensions (via TechRadar).

The current implementation of Web Capture in the Microsoft Edge Canary build allows you to capture either full or cropped screenshots from a webpage with the option to copy it directly to your clipboard or preview it following a capture.

From the preview screen, you can share the image or save it, but that's the extent of the functionality at the moment.

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As someone frequently using a variety of screen capture tools depending on the operating system and browser that I'm using presently, it's great to have this sort of thing easily available rather than for example pulling up the Snipping Tool in Windows 10. 

While the basic functionality seen here is a good start, it would be great if Microsoft would add some additional options like annotations and basic editing features before adding it to the public build of Edge.