Microsoft Edge gets a killer new update for remote workers

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Microsoft has quite a way to go in terms of market share with its new Edge browser. But from a feature standpoint, it already compares favorably with Google Chrome and the company is maintaining a pretty breakneck pace of new features monthly.

A couple of particularly interesting new updates this month include the ability to let Edge automatically switch between your work. There are also personal profiles based on the content  you're viewing and further enhancements to the handy Collections feature that helps keep your web work organized (via SlashGear).

Automatic Profile Switching in Microsoft Edge

While the lines between work and home have blurred for plenty of people for some time now. However, the current near-total move to remote work has certainly erased that line entirely for some. 

This is precisely why you want to create separate profiles. That way, you don't need to actually maintain two distinct work and home laptops with different browsers set up work or home use. You can also cut out all that extra signing into the relevant services and accounts.

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While that sounds great in theory, the reality is that you are often going to forget to switch profiles if a work email pops up on your personal account or vice versa. ,But with Automatic Profile Switching, you can put those worries to rest.

Microsoft Edge will automatically detect whether whatever you're interacting with (a page or link) is something associated with either your work or personal account. And if you aren't in the proper profile it will prompt you to switch and open it in a new window with the right profile. 

Notes in Microsoft Edge Collections

If you're not familiar with the software, Collections is a built-in bookmarking and organizational tool for Microsoft Edge. It allows you to save and group sets of sites for research or simply for quick access to your favorite websites. 

For those who think Collections can be a useful research tool. The latest addition is going to be particularly welcome as you can now add notes to the items in your Collections. All you do is right-click on an item in your Collections and then click "Add note" and that note will stay with your item regardless of where you move it in your Collections.

This is a tremendously valuable addition to Collections as it helps to really differentiate it from simple bookmarking tools. Collections has the ability to annotate items in your Collections with either specifics regarding why you captured it. If for example, you are using it for recipes possibly noting something that you changed when you made it yourself.

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