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Zero Motorcycle Rides In with New Android and iOS Apps

Electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles has developed a new way for users to tweak their rides and it's as easy as playing a song on your phone. The company just released new apps for both Android and iOS that allow users to view information about their motorcycle in a customizable riding dashboard mode or in a statistical analysis mode when the motorcycle is stopped.

In the dashboard mode, riders may view the amount of battery charge remaining, torque, battery amps, drivetrain component temperatures and more. When the cycle's back in the garage, the app will give lifetime statistical information including gas saved, CO2 emissions avoided, money saved on gas, and energy consumption cost.

The Zero Motorcycles app also gives users the power to adjust their vehicle's top speed, torque, and regenerative braking. The app connects to the motorcycle via Bluetooth and can even send diagnostic information to a mechanic so he can start diagnosing issues right away. 

Don't have a Zero Motorcycle? Both the Android and iOS versions of the app include a demo mode, so you can simulate adjusting the motorcycle and see how much energy, gas and money you would save buying an electric motorcycle over a gas-powered hog. Both versions of the app are free and available in their respective app stores.

via Engadget