Workers Want Windows 8 Tablets, Not iPads, Study Says

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Apple may have popularized the tablet genre with its first generation iPad back in 2010, but in 2013 workers want Windows—at least that’s what the researchers at Forrester are saying.  A new report from the firm has found that 200 million information workers would prefer to purchase a Windows tablet than an iPad. 

This number represents quite a jump from projected sales of Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet in Q4 2012, which are likely to max out at just under the one million mark according to the IDC. However, the Surface RT runs Windows RT, which doesn't support desktop applications.

Of the 9,766 IT workers polled, only 2 percent currently own a Windows tablet but 32 percent said they would buy one. Surprisingly, only 26 percent of participants voted that they would purchase Apple’s slate while 12 percent said they wanted an Android-based tablet.

More importantly, if Forrester’s report proves to be accurate, Microsoft may have found its niche audience in the enterprise market. This means the PC software maker could be seeing a much more lucrative launch with its second self-branded tablet, the Surface Pro, which hits stores this month.  Unlike the Surface for Windows RT, the Pro model comes with the full version of Windows 8 and Intel’s Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor, making it a more optimal laptop replacement for workers. 

While Microsoft is projected to see some success in the mobile industry, BlackBerry may be in trouble. The study referred to Blackberry’s mobile operating system as a “fading presence” in the industry, despite its stark redesign and rebranding with BlackBerry 10. 

 The report also concludes that, to no surprise, Microsoft and Apple will continue to contend with one another for the workforce’s attention. Windows 8 endured some skepticism following its launch, but Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer Tami Reller recently said that sales of Microsoft’s new software are faring better than some may have expected.  The Microsoft executive also revealed that 60 million Windows 8 licenses have been sold so far, which is on par with the number of Windows 7 licenses sold in the same time frame. 

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  • GlenB Says:

    As a 100% apple person I can still see the possibility of a Win 8 Pro tablet to run those apps that the ipad can't run even with citrix. My son has one and the only way is either virtual (Fusion/VirtualBox) on a MacBookPro (poorly) $2200.00 or a Win 8 Pro Tablet. Since he lives in a Windows world, the Win 8 Pro Tablet is very feasible. Now problem is which Win 8 Pro Tablet? Now dad is not switching....I'll carry the heavy MBP with 16GB and 1T drive and be happy with the best experience I've every had.

  • Tech9 Says:

    Windows 8 devices can be added to a domain, makes it simple for gpo, bitlocker, free developers license that they either host your apps or like most corporations you basically create your own little windows store that many already use anyway in the form of software center via the likes of config manager /(sccm). Anyone who does not see the ease of where Microsoft is pushing does not work in IT of any size and or works in customer service and calls themselves an IT manager on the interwebs. Security is top down, that should have any real IT listening from the get go. Citrix and any form of RDP/Thin client is nice but just like any workaround will never be as fast or efficient. Citrix/RDP is the new fad but VPN won't go away and it is usually because of the performance and prefrence of execs. It is just like IE, yes they made a mistake but it is 100% standard now but I still see hill billies churp up they use firefox cause IE sux...unfortunatley they couldn't connect to oracle db sites with firefox for how long again??

    Windows 8 is either the new Windows 95 or the new Windows XP. Hopefully the latter, but it is only going to gain momentum.

  • Xach Says:

    I'm defiantly holding out for good windows tabs. While Citrix is nice I think most people will be happy replacing their laptop with a surface pro or other OEM product that can do the same thing. And the razor edge and razor edge pro really look nice.

  • herdana Says:

    Wow, an article stating Microsoft's wishes as the truth. People want windows 8 tablets and not iPads? Yeah, right. People at Apple Store are unemployed homeless guys, after all, none of them are workers. That's because iPad outsold Win tablet by 1 to 40 (maybe more) this quarter.

  • MattyCea Says:

    i hate Ipads, but I will tell you what, noone is holding out for a windows tab. just use citrix on any tablet.

  • Stan Kerns Says:

    And I bet these same people would rather show up driving a Ford instead of a BMW--some people just have no class.

  • James Says:

    Amazing how you can make stuff up and make an article out of it.... Microsoft said this about bing too, it's not hard to lie on the internet and see where it goes...

  • Eric Goff Says:

    hahhhhhaaahahhaaa. I guess that is why Apple store is standing room only, and the microsoft store is, er...., lots of standing room?

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