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Will Apple Name its Next Tablet 'iPad HD' or 'iPad 3?'

As Apple prepares to roll out a big announcement on March 7, rumors have been flying about the next-generation iPad. Leaked parts listings from accessory-makers Griffin and Belkin suggest that the new product is called the "iPad HD," even though most of us have been referring to its as the iPad 3 for months. Accessory-makers usually get specifications about new product versions a bit in advance to prepare for launch, but typically do not know the actual product name until right before the release.

Although nothing is set in stone about the next iPad, the most popular rumor boasts that this new tablet will have a retina-like HD screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1536. The only problem with this theory is that Apple already has a 20MB download limit for cellular networks, so users would be limited to downloading apps strictly through Wi-Fi unless the limit is expanded.

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