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Video: LifeProof Nuud Case Protects iPad From Dropping, Dunking

Your iPad goes with you everywhere so why not take it swimming? LifeProof's new Nuud case for the iPad 2 and the 2012 iPad can survive drops up to six feed and being submerged in water. The $149.99 case joins LifeProof's water and shock proof iPhone cases in  protecting your Mac gear from just about anything.

At IFA Berlin, we got a first-hand demonstration of both Nuud as a Lifeproof rep dropped an iPad in the case from a height of about 4 feet an then dunked it into a tank of water, with the screen staying on the entire time. Even though the display itself is not covered by plastic, the iPad's glass is so tight that no water goes through it. We were also impressed with the $39.99 LifeJacker for iPhone 4 and 4S, which protected an iPhone in the same fashion.

The Nuud case just launched last week and is available directly from or from Best Buy in the U.S.