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Video Paws-On: Friskies Demos the First iPad Game You Can Play with Your Cat

Trust us when we say we aimed to keep as open a mind as possible about what we'd uncover at SXSW 2012. But this new iPad app pounced on us out of nowhere. Aptly dubbed You vs. Cat, it's the first dual-species tablet game developed to let humans play with their feline friends. Yes, you heard that right. If you can succeed at coaxing Garfield off that couch, you can go paws-on with him with this new app from cat food brand Friskies. Don't believe it? We've got video proof below!

Gameplay is as easy as can be. (It has to be—you're playing with a cat!) You and your pet stay on opposite sides of the tablet, and on your human end, five kitty items—two cans of cat food and three other mysterious peanut-like shapes, presumably pieces of cat food—lie in wait for you to swipe them towards your pet. Your aim is to get them past the cat and into the goal, but since these items ping off the sides of the wall and against each other, it can get pretty difficult to convince the mouser that something else at that moment is more fascinating and worthy of his attention. But in case you do get past his paws, you score 10 points on your side. But if Felix pounces on the item before it ricochets into the goal, he gets 10 points. Since there are only five items in the game, it indeed comes down to "you vs. cat."

The app was previewed at a launch party today, but it isn't available on iTunes just yet. The developers told us they expect it to land in the app store next week. At an unbeatable price (free), there's no reason for you not to try out the app yourself—unless of course you don't own a pet cat.