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Video of Alleged iPhone 5 Hits YouTube, Reveals Taller Design

With the anticipation surrounding the upcoming iPhone 5, a lot of people want to know what the design will look like. ETradeSupply posted a video today of what looks to be the iPhone 5 back cover, which provides some potential answers. The video indicates that the iPhone 5 will feature a bigger 4-inch display, a smaller dock connector as well as a unibody back plate. The headphone jack is also moved from the top of the phone to the bottom.

Based on the video, it seems that the iPhone 5's smaller dock connector will leave room for larger speakers, which could result in better sound. The video also shows that the design houses a smaller SIM card tray, which could be the new microSIM format. The good news is that the iPhone 5 seems to be just as narrow as the original, so it should be easy to hold and use.