Video: Vizio VIA Tablet and Phone Double as Universal Remotes

We were lucky enough to get  a little alone time with Vizio's new Tablet and Phone devices announced at CES 2011, and so far we like what we see. Both the Tablet and Phone will run a version of Android yet to be announced, but the custom interface Vizio is using looks pretty slick so far. For instance, your favorite apps are always up top, and there's a revamped notification area that organizes alerts by type. Plus, both devices have integrated IR blasters, so you can use the tablet or phone as a universal remote control.

In our hands, both the 8-inch screen Tablet and smaller4-inch Phone felt very svelte and easy to grip. It was clear to see that the products are meant for heavy multimedia usage, judging from the HDMI ports (featuring HDCP compliance) and three stereo speakers (on the tablet). In fact, Vizio plans on getting digital content providers on board to strengthen its Via+home entertainment platform, a solution the Phone and Tablet will support.

Vizio says the Tablet and Phone will be out by this summer. Check it out now in our hands-on video and gallery below:

LAPTOP Senior Writer