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Verizon Moto X Rumored for Aug. 23 Release, HTC One on Aug. 29

It seems someone at Verizon may have loose lips. A helpful tipster provided the folks at PhoneArena a look into the carrier's future, detailing Verizon's roadmap for the coming month. The most interesting of those details include the release dates for Motorola and Google's Moto X phone and the long awaited HTC One

According to the roadmap, the Moto X will see an Aug. 23 release on Verizon, which jives with previous rumors that have circulated around the Web. You'll recall, however, that Verizon's customers, just like Sprint and T-Mobile's, won't have access to Motorola's Moto Maker program, which lets you design and customize your handset, for some time. AT&T customers, though, will be able to use Moto Maker immediately.

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Beyond the Moto X, the leaked roadmap also points to an Aug. 29 release date for Verizon's version of the HTC One. Verizon is the last of the Big Four carriers to get its hands on the smartphone, which launched for AT&T in May. In addition to the Moxo X and One, Verizon's alleged product map appears to show release dates for Motorola's Droid Ultra and Droid Maxx, which should launch on Aug. 20. The Droid Mini, is expected to launch a few days later on Aug. 29. There's still no word on when the HTC One Mini will hit the market.

If the alleged roadmap proves true, the month of August should be rather busy for Verizon. We'll keep our ears to the ground as we get close to the end of the month and the HTC One's rumored launch date.

via PhoneArena