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How to Upload to YouTube from iPhone with YouTube Capture

Even if you're a Vine virtuoso or Instagram expert, sometimes your story is simply destined for the vast world of YouTube. The Google-owned network is still the most popular place on the web to watch and share video, and shooting and uploading YouTube videos on iPhone is now easier than ever thanks to the YouTube Capture app. With just a few simple touches, you can capture your favorite moments and share them with the world's biggest video streaming site. 

1. Download YouTube Capture from the App Store.

2. Sign in with your Google account.

3. Set your preferences. YouTube Capture allows you to enable automatic color correction, stabilization, and landscape lock both during and after the setup process. You can also link your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts for instant social sharing.

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4. Hold your iPhone horizontally and tap the "record" icon. YouTube Capture requires you to film in landscape mode in order to achieve optimal video quality.  While in recording mode, you can adjust settings, view your video upload queue, switch between front and back camera, and toggle flash on or off. 

5. Title your video and toggle sharing options on the "Upload to YouTube" screen. You can also watch your video, mark it as "Public," "Private," or "Unlisted," and toggle Facebook, Twitter, and Google + sharing. 

6. Tap the "Upload" icon at the top right of the screen. We recommend uploading over Wi-Fi to avoid eating up your monthly data allowance. You can monitor the progress of your upload at the subsequent "Videos" screen. 

Thanks to YouTube Capture, the days of shooting with Apple's separate Camera app and using the somewhat cumbersome YouTube uploader are over. Whether you're at a wild concert or enjoying a quick stroll through the park, this simple tool will allow you to share your experiences with the millions of viewers and creators on YouTube.