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Tilting, Turning and Twisting iPad Stands from Hub Innovations

LAS VEGAS--Hub Innovators, the makers of the Rev360 series of spinning iPad and iPhone holders, is extending its lineup of unique rotating tablet attachments with the launch of three new stands for iPads and other slates, the company announced yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Most versatile of the three, the Prizm is a vibrant, sleek desktop stand whose aluminum alloy, lightning bolt-shaped feet slide together with space to hold your device. Priced from $25 to $35, the Prizm is available in a plethora of colors like green and purple, as well as metals such as 14k gold and antique brass. Tablets of all forms can be propped up on the stand, and those who like to keep their phones off the ground can also get the stand in a miniature form for phones and music players.

While the prism can accommodate tablets of varying sizes, the remaining two products are specific to Apple's iPad 2. The Uprise 360 grips the edges of your device and holds it firmly like some kind of plastic rubberized spider web. The height of the stand makes the iPad similar to a computer monitor, but the base's 360-degree rotational ability enables it to act as a workstation to display the screen to multiple viewers quickly. It's available for $45.

Unlike the Uprise, Hub's ANVIL stand doesn't rotate laterally, instead functioning as an adjustable display that tilts vertically at close to a dozen different angles. With the screen propped up and adjustable to various eye levels, it's ideal for viewing movies, video chatting or reading. Made out of aluminum and accommodating for thin cases, the ANVIL runs at $69.95.