Tiggly Creates Shape and Counting Toys for the iPad

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sam 0401   copy 600x400Even if your toddler has been grasping an iPad since birth, learning her shapes on it, she still needs to learn from physical toys. Tech toymaker Tiggly has found a middle-ground between the two, by introducing two sets of iPad-ready learning toys that work with the brand's specialized apps. We received an up-close demonstration of Tiggly's $29 Shapes set, as well as a brand-new counting set launching later this year.


The Tiggly Shapes set packs four plastic shape toys: A blue star, a green circle, a yellow triangle and a red square. Each rubberized toy has a set of small black sensors on its underside for interacting with Tiggly's apps on your iPad's touchscreen. To play the "Tiggly Safari" game, toddlers view a stylized animal on-screen and must place the corresponding toy on the iPad, while "Tiggly Stamp" is a more open-ended experience that allows kids to create colorful scenes using the soft-touch shapes. We were especially impressed with the latter app, which gives little ones the power to make mini movies by recording voice-overs for their pictures.

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New for Toy Fair 2014 is the Tiggly Count set, which is designed to bolster counting skills via physical toys. This set includes five differently-sized rubberized sticks that represent the numbers one through five. To demonstrate these new toys, Tiggly used its "Monster" app, in which you have to guide a set number of circles to the bottom of the screen. For example, if five circles appear, you'll have to use the five-pronged stick, and so on. Once you complete the task, the circles turn into the teeth of a cartoony monster. 

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Tiggly's $29 Shapes set is available now, while Count will launch later this year at a currently unannounced price. Like many gadgets we've seen at this year's Toy Fair, Tiggly's delivers an impressive fusion of classic toys and modern tech. We look forward to doing more counting and creating when Tiggly's latest accessories hit the market.

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