Tablet World Series Game 6: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. BlackBerry PlayBook, Voting Ends 11/1 at 12:00 a.m.

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To finish off the 7-inch League playoffs for the first annual Tablet World Series, the Samsung Galaxy Tab faces the BlackBerry PlayBook. The winner of this match-up will compete for your Championship love against the ExoPC, winner of the 1o-inch-plus League in Game 5 (by a 1-percent margin). The final showdown will start on 11/1 at 10:00 a.m. But first, there can be only one 7-inch tablet champ.

UPDATE: BlackBerry PlayBook won with 11% of the vote. 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab beat the Cisco Cius handily in Game 2, taking home 83 percent of your votes. It is clearly one of the most hotly anticipated tablets yet to be announced and has shown good form from the pitchers mound. This tablet sports a 7-inch WSVGA capacitive touchscreen, a front- and a rear-facing camera, 512MB of memory, and a 1-GHz Cortex A8 processor. Plus it will run Android 2.2 (with access to the Android Market) and be available from every carrier, for varying price points.

T-Mobile will run you $399 with a two-year contract. Verizon Wireless is charging $599, plus a monthly plan. Samsung promises up to 7 hours of movie playback. AT&T and Sprint have not announced what they will be charging yet. This tablet is said to be going on sale in November and we couldn't be more excited.

In the opposing duggout, we see the BlackBerry PlayBook waiting to take the field. In Game 4, the PlayBook took down the eLocity A7 with 65 percent of the vote. This business-friendly 7-inch tablet comes with a new QNX Tablet OS. The display is also a WSVGA capacitive touchscreen, just as the Galaxy Tab. It includes a 1-GHZ dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, and comes with a front- and rear-facing camera. It offers HDMI output, and is able to run Flash 10.1 (allowing for Adobe Air apps. But best of all is the sync ability with your BlackBerry smart phone.

So which tablet is ready for the finals? Only your votes can decide that. Then check back for the final match up of the Tablet World Series on 11/1 at 10 a.m.

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  • Craig Says:

    I actually have both devices, one from the developer pre special and the galaxy I won in a penny auction.

    I think the galaxy is better than the playbook to be honest.

    I find it odd to see such a new device with such a high scrore, especially given that its not that good comparatively.

  • Jonathan Says:

    I think tthat SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB should win as it has gps service which playbook doesn't have. They should have also included dell streak in the game.

  • @exoguy Says:

    when the blackberry wins. it will be the final game and you will be able to vote for the exopc. come back in a couple days. (voting starts november 1st)

  • Memora Vivere Says:

    ExoPC vs. the winner of these two will start on monday. You can vote then.

  • ExoGuy Says:


    Where can I vote for EXOPC?

  • Jamie Says:

    One point about the specs listed for the Playbook - you say 1 ghz A9 processor, which is technically correct, but you are leaving out the 'dual core' part. I think that is an important differentiator to take into account, because it will greatly improve performance (read -> multitasking), but could potentially come as a tradeoff to battery life, which is very important for tablet success.

    I haven't heard anything on playbook's battery life, but I have seen it confirmed that it is packing a 5300 mAh battery, which is fairly substantial (as a point of reference, Galaxy tab has a 4000 mAh).

    So I think Playbook has the Tab covered through and through :)

  • PJ Says:

    Feragola, stop being a hater!

    What will differentiate the Samsung with the rest of tablets on the market? NONE, they will all be commodity items just like laptops.

    The Playbook has several differentiators with the biggest being you don’t need another carrier service plan (saving in $$$) and the security of the Playbook being tied to your Blackberry phone. Now this is a differentiator for companies. Now do you get it???

  • Richard Says:

    And you know warvoting is going on how? For the record, I've =never= talked with =anyone= about the PlayBook at all, but I'm really excited about the new OS. I agree with Google - putting Android on a slate is a huge stretch - you have to stretch yourself to think it's all-around competittive with iOS on a phone, no way on a tablet. Not bad hardware to the Tab, though. But this game isn't really about the hardware.

  • ian Says:

    Uh... Feragola, you cannot see the result and then vote. Your vote will be void. And, what do you mean by WarVoting? I don't think you can repeatly vote for one product unless you change your ip. And, I don't think anyone will go through the trouble for this. Don't be so bitter. I am not a RIM fan, I don't even own a blackberry phone. I found your comment is unfair for people who voted.

  • Feragola Says:

    I'm calling BS. I just voted and it still says the same amount that it did before I voted.

  • Feragola Says:

    If the BlackBerry Fanboys would stop WarVoting, we would get much more accurate results in these polls. It's funny how the Rim products always win to vastly superior opponents.

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