Sony Teases New Xperia Smart Watch

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SonyWatch 675403The smart watch market just keeps getting more exciting and more crowded. Sony is dropping some pretty heavy hints at an upcoming Xperia smart watch, in particular by tweeting this photo from the @sonyxperia account. The text of the tweet: "Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock" with the hashtag #itstime and #MAE13. They also tweeted a quote from research performed by BI Intelligence that indicates 1 in 3 smartphone users want to wear a smart watch. 

The #MAE13 hashtag likely indicates a formal announcement will be made at next week's Mobile Asia Expo between June 26 and 28 in Shanghai. No further evidence has surfaced yet, so we do not know many details such as price, availability, nor if this rumored watch will be available stateside.

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Sony has dipped a toe in the smart watch arena before, with mixed success. We awarded the original $149 Sony SmartWatch 3 stars in our review. We praised the sleek-looking device for its design and Facebook and Twitter integration. However, we knocked it for a limited number of apps that work on it. Hopefully, this upcoming version may have more versatility. 

Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are all rumored to have their own smart watches in development. And while Sony did beat them to the marketplace, they have not yet become the dominant force in that industry. 

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