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Sony Breathes New Life Into PlayStation Vita With a Slew of New Titles

Since it's auspicious launch back in 2011, the Sony PlayStation Vita has been languishing in the corner. As part of its E3 2013 press event, Sony announced its providing some much-needed support to the handheld with 85 new games.  Games expected to launch for the system this year include "Batman: Arkham Origins" and "The Walking Dead: 400 Days." Other titles promised for the Vita include remastered versions of "God of War" and "God of War II," "Flower," "Final Fantasy X" and "Final Fantasy X2."

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In addition to the AAA titles, the Vita will be getting some love from indie game love including HumanNature Studios' "Doki Doki Universe and "Tearaway," the new title from MediaMolecule. Sony also announced that the handheld system would get even more games by way of the PlayStation Network's new cloud gaming functionality. Launching sometime in 2014, the Vita will have access to PSN's Instant Gaming Channel which will feature games from PS1 and PS2.

The Vita will also play a major part of Sony's PlayStation 4 strategy and will serve as a second-screen device for the next-generation system via the CrossPlay system. Similar to the Wii U, Vita owners will have the ability to play console titles on the handheld in any part of the house. With the PS4 launch coming up now might be the time to pick up a Vita.