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Smartphone Madness 2013: ASUS FonePad vs. HTC One

Welcome sports and smartphone fans alike to the Aristocratic 8 of this year's Smartphone Madness competition. To kick off our first match-up of round 2, the ASUS FonePad meets the HTC One courtside. The ASUS beat all the odds by taking down the heavily-favored iPhone 5 in game 1 with a 15 percent margin, while the HTC brought home the win against the BlackBerry Q10 during game 5 with a 23 percent margin. 

But these two phones aren't the only champs, they join a regal group that heavily favors Android and includes the Nokia Lumia 920, BlackBerry Z10, Google Nexus 4, LG Optimus G Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Samsung Galaxy S4. During the next week we'll see all these phones take on rivals as we ramp up to our Penultimate 4. Who wins each round, however, is totally up to you. Your votes make the difference between going big and going home. 

So who will you choose today? 

ASUS fared well in its first round despite being a bit of an unknown. There's no official word on when this 7-inch FonePad might come to America, but all reports point to a potential $249 release in Asia and the U.K. sometime next month. During our scouting trip at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we loved the speedy 1.2-GHz Intel Atom Z2320 processor, which resulted in a highly responsive hand-held device. But, the Android-powered FonePad's mammoth size could hold it back from mainstream love and adoption, unless it causes size envy in its competitor today, that is. 

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The superfast HTC One is also currently an international star, but is U.S. bound. Also arriving packing Android, in our review we found a lot to love in this 4.7-inch device. We especially think its stunning design, sharp 1080p display, remote control functionality for TV and stellar low-light camera give it a leg up. We noted the difficulty of one-handed use as a deterrent on this superphone, but that's nothing compared to the HTC One's competition today. 

Cast your votes now! You have until Monday, 3/25 at 9 a.m. EST to make your selection, but choose wisely as one of these Android imports is going home based on the decision you make today.