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Smart Cargo Stores Your Essential iPad Gear

Ever wish there was a sleeker way to carry your charger, earphones and other peripherals with your iPad? A newly-launched Kickstarter project says it will solve that problem.  The Smart Cargo for iPad snaps on to your tablet to store your accessories in a convenient, aesthetically-pleasing case. It will retail at $30 once available. Using the magnetic cover of Apple's Smart Cover, the Smart Cargo attaches firmly onto your iPad.

You will need to have the Apple Smart Cover or Smart Case to use this product, but for iPad users that already have that, this appears to be a valuable upgrade. Its interior is lined with felt to reduce noise, and it also doubles as a grip and wrist support for typing on the tablet.

In just five days, the Smart Cargo Kickstarter project has already reached more than three times its $10,000 funding goal. At least 1200 early bird supporters have pledged $15 each to pre-order a Smart Cargo.